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I have joined the Millions of Creative Assets Unlimited Downloads program, And I have downloaded many photos from it, so I want to ask, can I use this photo on my website, and also let me know if my member expires can I ever license if needed Can download.

Hello! Yes you can use the items on your website. If your subscription expires you can still keep the items for your website but you will not be able to use them for a different project unless you renew your subscription and get a new license.

Hope that helps!

I will use these downloaded photos on more than one website and after 1 month my member expires, what will happen then.

You will need to download a license for each of the sites you want to use the item on. But it will be fine to keep them on the sites after your subscription expires.

If the license is ever lost, can the license for the downloaded content be reclaimed when the subscription has expired.

Yes as long as you don’t completely delete your account.

My account will last a lifetime on

As long as we’re in business anyway :sweat_smile:

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