Download envato elements project with licence by mistake

Hello, i just downloaded a t-shirt video mockup, but creating a project with licence. I just want to use it not por get money, instead for personal uses. So I was wondering if I will be charged for download the template with “licence” creating a project. I don’t want that, I want to download it without licence, and delete the project. How can I avoid charges of that mistake in case they charge me for that.

Hope you understand me.

Thank You

If you are a current subscriber then all downloads and register under a project is free of cost because you already paid the subscription fee.


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And you always need to register a license, even if it’s only for personal use.


okok! Thank You ^^

If I want to buy a license of a mockup project, for apply that video in many products on my website (same proyect, same use, but multiple designs). How should I buy this license? Thank You :slight_smile: