Download Broken - I PAID & Confirmed EMAIL - It REFUSES DOWNLOAD - HELP!!!

I need this download or my money back – can anyone help??

Do you mean that the item is broken? Or that it will not download at all? Is it in your downloads page? E.g. WordPress Themes & Website Templates from ThemeForest (assuming you are logged in)

There is some kind of glitch. To reproduce,

  1. buy a template ( as a new register)
  2. use paypal to pay for the template
  3. go to your email and respond to the " confirm email" email
  4. Go to the downloads page ( as instructed )
    you will be told to confirm email before download.
  • but you have-
    so you go back and try again
    and it says - you have already confirmed
    so you go back to the download page and refresh - and it says - please confirm your email. ** sigh **
  • BUT! i managed a work around – i asked that a second email be sent.
    when I confirmed that email - the stand-off was broken and i could access my downloads.
    Thank so much for tour quick reply – i have to say it was a horrible first user experience — worth patching imo x