Download 16 FREE photos and assets... BY ENTERING YOUR CREDIT CARD DETAILS!!!!

C’mon Envato. This is lamest advertising rort I’ve seen in a while. I get an email from you that says “For one week only, you can download 16 FREE photos and assets—all highest of quality and ready-to-use in your next creative project” and followed by a DOWNLOAD FREE FILES button, but the only way it seems that I can access the ‘FREE’ files is to enter my credit card details. Hmmmm… seems like your baiting me or misleading me.

Hi @sammck36 - all images from the Free Photos landing are definitely available for free, but the current page navigation is quite confusing! Here’s how to access those files:

For anyone else looking into this, there is a new Free Photos landing page for Elements, which you can find here:

To download any of those items, look for the “download” button that will be overlaid on any photo while your cursor is over it - like in this image:

Clicking that button will start a direct download of that photo.

Clicking on other parts of the image will take you to that photo’s item page, which is part of the regular Elements subscription (in the example above, that’s this page) - those item pages don’t have a big green “Download it for free” button like you may be familiar with from free files on Envato Market, and so clicking on “Download” takes you to the normal signup flow. That’s definitely not what you’re looking for if you reached that item via the Free Photos landing page!

The confusing UX is an issue that’s currently being worked on. In the meantime, you can use the download buttons overlaid on all 16 photos to access the items. Sorry for the confusion - I hope you enjoy the photos though!


UPDATE: The UX issue has just been fixed.

  • Clicking anywhere on a free image will now open that image in your browser :slight_smile:
  • Clicking anywhere on a non-image asset (Photoshop action, flyer template etc) will start a download.

Hey @BenLeong, that’s awesome! That sounds more like an Envato solution. Thanks and cheers.

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