Dowlaod link is broken


I have bought an HTML template, and the download link is broken,
how can you help me with this issue? how can i contact the envato team directly?
I have already opened a ticket on [Themekalia] but no one answered me yet since 3 days…
I need the template urgently now, to work on it, i’m losing time.
Your help is highly appreciated.



Take a look on this article hope your problem will solved.
Downloading Problem solution
Or contact with Envato Help center for support.

hope you will get solution.

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Thank you for your prompt reply, i have tried downloading it from another web browser, Safari, but nothing is happening.
even i have tried on a windows pc, using Chrome, nothing happened.
What should i do in this case?

I’m getting a wrong ipaddress, after the page being crashed…

thank you

contact with Envato Help center for support.

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Hi @issax,

@unlockdesign is right, the best thing to do here is open a support ticket. That’ll get to the developers who can troubleshoot the issue further.

We have received a few reports lately of errors resolving the IP address of the download host from some countries in the Middle East. In order to help us troubleshoot the issue, in your support ticket please include your IP address and the country you’re connecting from.

In the meantime, others in the same situation have been able to work around it by using the mobile/4G network to download the item (e.g. by tethering their mobile device to their computer to perform the download). This isn’t ideal, but may get you past the issue while we dig into it.

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Hello @rosssimpson,

When i was reading your email, i was in a meeting in a different area of my office, thus on a different wifi network, and the download worked, i have been able to get my template! (from this Public IPv4

But still is not working from these ip:

I hope you will be able to solve this problem…

I wish you all the best,


Hi @issax,

I’m glad you were able to get it working on the other IP address you mentioned, but unfortunately there’s nothing we can do about the other IPs. I’ve checked and they’re not present in our firewalls.

Your best bet is to take the issue up with either your corporate IT department or your ISP. The blocking is coming from there or somewhere upstream of them, so they’ll be best placed to advise you.

My apologies that we can’t fix it, but it’s not under our control. The DNS name in question,, is published and globally available (see

If you need further support, please do open a support ticket.

Hello @rosssimpson,

Thank you for your detailed reply,

I would like to inform you that from the IP with the issue, i was being able to download the txt and pdf files, only the .zip wasn’t working.

And to dig a little bit more, I have tried to download, old purchases, and everything went normal, I was able to download them normally…

For the time being, it is fine by me the situation, if I ever have this issue again, I will open another ticket,

Cheers and many thanks,



The behavior you describe between license text files, license PDF files, and ZIP files is expected – the two license files are served directly from the Themeforest application itself, while the ZIP file is served up via our global CDN.

It’s very interesting that old purchases behave differently than new purchases! I don’t expect that.

If you run into this problem again, we’ll be waiting to hear from you.