Doubts on author's item

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The author’s support agent offered me free assistance to set up the item i bought from them. So i passed him the administrator’s credentials to set up the plugin. Now, the author’s support agent is asking me for the FTP login credentials too. This is where i start to have doubts on their credibility and i fear they’ve installed (or planning to…) or edited some “malware, phishing, spying…etc”
Is there a way for to check if they’ve edited something unwanted, without my permission or something that may cause me issues in the future. I know that envato takes a good care and inspects each item (correct me if I’m wrong) for malware or security vulnerability before they hit me market, but is there a way to check for any possible external links, unwanted codes added after initial installation?

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If you are talking about your purchased item Author support then I would like to say any author will not like to make a bad reputation for his business. So, item author always will try to give best support for his customer. But if you have any doubt then you can work with your own developer who will work/is working for your website.



Just to add to this - if you make a private agreement with an author (paid or free) that gives them access to your network then envato will not be able to protect you as that is beyond their control.

If you need help that is beyond the support policy, then you would be better off hiring a freelancer from

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We ask for wp-admin and FTP access in cases where there is serious conflicts between the plugin and the theme or other plugin because this is much easier and faster way to fix the problem instead guiding the client what to do.

I really doubt the authors will risk their reputation to screw up with your stuff. At least I wouldn’t risk it.