Doubts about preview files


Hello. I have this problem. I work on Logic Pro, I generally apply a limiter to the mix’s output channel. when I export the files, the WAVs are fine, but in the MP3 files the peaks levels go all the way and I have to lower the volume a little bit so it won’t clip. My doubt is: am I doing wrong? Should the preview file sound exactly as loud as the main file? Is a little volume difference a problem?


I’m not sure I understood how you’re doing it. I use Logic to and I bounce my finished track to WAV and Mp3. I then import the WAV file back into a new Logic project and add the watermark on a seperate channel. I then bounce this to Mp3 for preview without a limiter. Sometimes I need to lower the volume on both the music and watermark to prevent the preview file from clipping.


I’ve also found that on my preview file the volume goes into the red in Logic. It’s because I master my main tracks to 0dB but then adding of the AJ watermark to the master files to create the preview tips the volume into red. I kind of just ignore it for the preview files, I don’t think you can really tell it goes into the red and my main files all work without clipping so my buyers should be happy.


I just create a summing track stack in Logic with a track with the main audio file and a track with the AJ watermark and put the mastering chain in the summing track. That way when I unmute the watermark track to create the preview file it automatically limits the combined signal and avoids any clipping in the preview.


Thank you fellows!


Hi guys,

it is preferable to include watermarked audio file before mastering process (make an export with it for preview and one without for main files folder) to avoid peak or clipping problems. BTW your preview file will be identical to your main file.

and don’t forget that 0dB is clipping in digital world, set your limiter output level to -0,1 or -0,2 :wink:

  1. Add watermark in your project before your mastering plugins
  2. If you add mark to wav master track after mastering process - add limiter with minimal settings to remove picks and clipping.
    All will be fine :slight_smile: