Doubts about how to create a web with Enforld and child-theme

Hello everyone,

First of all I must say that I am completely new at website building… but I would like to create a personal site with a blog and I have thought in Wordpress with the Enfold theme. I like this theme and the possibilities it offer to customize the appearance of the site using the Avia layout builder… due that I am a completely newbie about websites. But here is where my doubts begin…

Looking for information about how to set up Wordpress and a theme, I have read in several places that the correct way to do it is creating a child-theme for the Enfold theme. The child theme must be active and all the changes must been made on it to override the parent theme and to avoid all modifications be lost when the parent theme be updated. I think up here all clear.

But what I don’t know is how to procced to start making the changes in the child theme. I mean, all changes must been made by hand or the Avia layout builder from Enfold would still be available once the child-theme has been activated? I saw several videos about how to setup a child theme and in all of them make the subsequent changes by hand. I couln’t find any video explaining how to build a website from stat to fisnish with Enfold and a child-theme.

I assume that in Wordpress only can be one unique theme active at the same time, (in this case would be Enfold-child theme). So, if that’s true would the Avia layout be available to format the pages or I should activate again the parent Enfold theme to make the changes? This is one of the things I am really confuse about because it has no sense that if you make any change in the parent theme again… it will be lost when the theme be updated, I am wrong? And if you can’t use the Avia editor and you end up doing all the format by hand what is the advantage of using a theme as Enfold or any other? Could please someone get me out of the darkness and enlighten me before I go mad? Thanks in advance!!

hi, you can find everything about Enfold child theme here: