Doubt with script live preview

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I’ve got a doubt concerning to live previews. I want to upload my new script that is a one page website with built in CMS. But i would like to set the live preview where this would be always correct one, and create one other installation for users and customers to try it out, and not mess with the default preview version. Is this possible, or should the live preview be the one for customers to try?! It’s just because i didn’t want the live preview to be messed up.
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You can disable some input features in your live preview to prevent users from messing it up, one example is to alert something when they try to edit some private input fields like site name, alert something like “This feature is disabled in demo!”

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Thank you for your reply @Norielle, but this wouldn’t be the best choice, because I need customers to really test it with every features.
It’s important to know what clients think about our new script, and like this is a one page with a built in admin page that is meant to be used (and abused), I think one test installation different from the preview version would be best. Unless this isn’t possible and it’s forbiden by themeforest. That was why I created this topic.

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Why don’t you use Cron jobs to empty the database, say every 1 hour or stuff like that.