Doubt with Libraries, autoloads, Composer, etc..


Hello! I’m new here, participate as a buyer about 1 year, and now decided to test how to function being an author. I decided to get a small code that I use as a supplement in some of my systems and adapt in order to trade.

I had a hard rejection the first time, which served to understand how work the standard of quality here, remade carefully all the code, I had a soft rejection, learned a lot from it and finally had the code accept.

I am very happy with the result, 3 sales in one day and just earn a badge Trendsetter :slight_smile:

But that item for me was an experience, my strong are administrative systems, and how they are more complex and security should be taken seriously, I’m wondering if it is allowed to work with libraries, using Composer to autoload, etc.

Someone who has experience with CodeCanyon could help me with this question?