Doubt, starting with wordpress

Hi guys!

I do not have much WordPress experience and I have a doubt::

How to edit the content (light or dark) of a div with background image according to the color of this image (light or dark)

If the image is dark, the content is light
If the image is light, the content is dark

It would do from the same file directly adding classes or it would do from the wordpress control panel?


Hi there!

My suggestion first of all before starting an WordPress theme, is to start learning CSS (you can also build a HTML template).

The solution for your question is CSS. To answer your question, you can add an semitransparent overlay over images and then all texts to be light if the overlay is dark and vice-versa.

You can add this style on the css file of the theme, but make sure to make it customizabile(changeable by the user) by adding some options in your admin panel.


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Thanks ThemeSLR

I was thinking of adding classes depending on the content and edit them in the css (.light or .dark) but you have clarified that it should be customizable by the user from the control panel by the user (Thanks for this)

I will study more! :slight_smile: