Doubled my sales in two months

Two months ago I had 42 sales. Now I have 84. I know these are not super impressive numbers, but for me it’s very pleasing that I’ve doubled my sales in just two months throughout the summer.
Oh man, if I could keep this rate up… :slight_smile:
Thanks to Envato, the buyers and the fellow author folks!


Congrats!! :wink:

Congrats! @SixideBeats :champagne::beers::tada::confetti_ball:

Congrats!! :+1:

:ram: :rooster: :dog: :koala: :rabbit: Congrats

Nice! Now if I could double my sales in two months…

Congratulations @SixideBeats. :tada: Wish you have tons of more sales :slight_smile:

Congrats!Very cool )
It’s not little.:sunglasses:

Wow! Amazing progress for sure :grinning:

Congratulations @SixideBeats :ok_hand::balloon:


Now for the tricky part… which things have changed during those two months, and can you identify things to keep doing in order to keep those sales up? :wink: Some amount of seasonal variation is always outside of your control, but it’s always worth putting some time into working out what else is affecting them.

Are you promoting your items any differently on social media? Did you start uploading more frequently, or putting more time into individual tracks? There are lots of pieces of the puzzle :smiley: On the social media front, @TitanSlayer wrote a great article on Soundcloud for AJ Authors that’s well worth a look, if you haven’t seen it already.

Good luck with your future sales!


There’s insufficient data for me to congratulate you. More sales than you had before is always better than no more sales, but 84 sales now and 42 sales two months ago could be good… or it could be bad. I’m judging from the rest of your post that it’s good, that’s pretty clear, but just to demonstrate:

  • 0 sales in March, 42 sales by June and 84 sales by August: Sales have been increasing. Great stuff!

  • 0 sales in April, 42 sales by June and 84 sales by August: Sales have been steady. Good stuff.

  • 0 sales in May, 42 sales by June and 84 sales by August: Sales have been decreasing. Not good stuff!

Sorry to ‘go all maths’ on you, but it’s always a good idea to track your sales on a monthly basis, look at percentage increases/decreases, areas to focus on, key performance indicators… and all that jazz. Knowledge is power!

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Thanks for the refer to my article, but I would like to mention that since this article was published, Soundcloud had a few changes - in particular, the groups have been removed and thats kinda problem for some authors - this was great source of traffic. But anyway, I guess this is still worth to read.

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Hey there,

Yes, I’ve been doing my math, that’s why I account this increase as a positive trend.
I’ve been here since January, so the breakdown is like this:
Sales by June: 42
Sales by August: 84
In the past two months I got the same amount of sales as in the first five months. A more detailed breakdown also shows a steady growth.
@BenLeong : Why? How did this happen? What was I doing different lately? I’m glad you asked!
I think the most important point is improving the quality of my tracks through blood, sweat and tears. This comes first. Without this, all the other promotion, marketing and social every way of exposing your stuff does not worth half a penny.
Then comes promotion of course. Yes, I started branding my profile, uploading my works to YouTube and Soundcloud. I can’t tell for sure if the increase in sales comes purely from this, but it seems like it matters. And of course the growth of my portfolio has an effect on sales for sure.
I think it’s the combination of regularly (for me this means about weekly) uploading professional quality (can’t stress this enough) stuff, branding and exposure on social media. This combo can slowly but painfully get an author in the right direction. :wink:
I’d like to thank you especially for not just congratulating, but bringing this up! If you have any ideas that I missed I’d love to hear them. How else can I take advantage in such a competitive market?

Thanks, and Cheers! :slight_smile:

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@SixideBeats Cool achievement bro !

Hi @SixideBeats , my first sale was on May 14 now I have 54 sales , and only for the month of August I have 35 sales ) ) ) This impressive numbers !!! Well done keep it up !!! Congratulations!!!

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Congrats! Good luck!

Thank you!

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@SixideBeats good stuff keep it up :blush: