Double Watermark on Video Preview?

My last project has been approved I put a watermark on Video Preview. when the project was Online I find Double Watermark on the Video Preview ( One that I put, and the other put from Videohive )
why did this happen?
what should I do?

Here the Project link
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Thanks for all

do you make the preview resolution 960x540 like the watermark resolution? cause i never have this problem.

Thanks for your replay.
No, I made the preview 1920x1080 and i use the same image watermark resolution for the video.

If you upload it using FTP system, watermark doesn’t add automatically, so you need to add it youself. When you upload your item using old standart uploading system, watermark add automaticley. Looks like you added it yourself and upload it throught old system

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other way around. new uploader adds watermark, old uploader not.

This is what you have to do: Go to the edit page of your item and reupload the same preview as you uploaded before. This time, no second watermark will be added, as the edit page is the old uploader.

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I used DropBox is this add Watermark automatically?

Ok, That`s Great Thanks. i will Upload Video preview Only right not all project items?

Oh, yes. You are right. I messed up

Correct, only preview video.

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Super confusing the different uploaders :crazy_face:

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Thanks, I upload it and the problem solution.
Thanks for your time

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Hi SVDM… My video preview has 960x540 but still double watermark. Is there something wrong? Help me please

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