Double US Royalty Withholding Tax deducted my account

Hello sir, one of my items is available for sale on codecanyon and its price is 17 . Earlier all these items used to be sold, I used to get 7.50 after deducting tax, but today there is a sale, then US Royalty Withholding Tax has been cut twice. And i got only 3.15 $ why did this happen

View Screenshot:-

please replay me

Anything that includes support is essentially split into two products when it comes to your statement. So you’re not getting charged twice, you’re just getting charged once for the item part of the sale and once for the support part of the sale.

You’d only get $7.50 if there was no withholding tax, so if you used to have 0% withhodling tax and now you don’t… that means either:

  1. You filled out a W8 form and that form has now expired (they need updating every two/three years - you would have been told though)
  2. The withholding rate for your country has changed (rare but can happen)
  3. You filled out a W8 (without a valid tax ID number, or a valid tax ID number that doesn’t afford a reduction in withholding tax) and previous $7.50 sales were for non-US sales and this was a US sale (most likely)
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from your screenshots I can see 30% withhodling tax deduct from your item sell (2 times because: 1 from regular license price and 1 from 6 month support price). So, withhodling tax deduct are going in the right way. now why 30%? because you didn’t provide TAX information or your TAx information has expired (after each 3 years the information expired), in this case you have to provide your TAX info to reduce withhodling tax.


But here show me 7.50$ in my sales and in my account added 3.15$

you should check Statements because there you will get full details (price and tax deduct). in earning there will show the sale price before tax deduct.