Double Sided / Print Template Flyer REJECTED (Need Opinions)

Hello, people!

Despite being on ENVATO for more than one year, I just started to submit materials some weeks ago. I read all the tutoriais and guideliness before starting to submit files.

Well… My first file submission was smooth and Ok.
But, this first file was a single face flyer and that was very easy to build.

Now, I tryed to sent a way too more elaborated flyer (special cut, smart objects, double sided) and it was rejected: “unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again

Of course, this is a bit disappointing but, this material was already printed and the client loved it! I just want to understand what were the points that did not match the ENVATO STANDARDS, so I can avoid similar future uploadings in the future!

Here are the images:

Alternative links:

Thanks for reading!
Thanks for the help (in advance)! :smiley:

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The custom cut is cool, I haven’t seen that before. The images also look good. But the typography needs to be improved. The styles look dated and the layout on the back side is a bit disorganised. You need a more organised layout with a good visual hierarchy, and improve the font choice and styling, then you could have a great flyer. Plus the custom cut shape is a a more unique aspect (assuming buyers would go for that.)


Thats awesome to read!
Thank you TOIVO for giving your perspective!

I totally agree!

This a “refurbished” design I’ve made in 2010 (as you can see on the photo of the real printing) and I just tried to use fonts that I already have here to be fast.

I decided to upload that because it is one of those peaces you have on your portfolio and you love it! :smiley: No doubt it has many things to be improved!

Another thing I have to say in my defense :smiley: is that (at the time this was built) the client came to me with the general idea (the speaker underwater - in fact he wanted a boombox or a speaker box, pumping underwater - beach, palm trees…); besides, the custom cut already existed, so I had to build the flyer inside that odd / strager mold…
All of this, without mention the huge amount of information I had to put there!

Thanks for replying! I found that very nice!

I promess I will be more selective from now on! I know I can do it!


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