Double Purchase of Theme- Refund Please!

We have purchased the theme Jollyany | Multi-Purpose Joomla Template from our account, username: websitesnmore

Please note we made this purchase for a client who had already purchased the theme this morning under the username: agshowsnsw

The reason we made the purchased the theme the second time is because of my client not being able to access her account after the purchase.

We tried password reset and contacting the support desk however not much luck.

Could you now please refund the amount under my clients account i.e. agshowsnsw. We would only need one licence.

Let me know if you need any further information related to the purchase.



You’d need to submit a request although because they are separate accounts it may not be that simple

And where can I submit this request? An email address or contact form link will be good.

It’s in the link above