Don't we get an email when a sale is done?

Hi guys,
I got the first sales recently but surprisingly I have not received any email?

is it normal? I mean, I was expecting a congratulation email instead of discovering it only after having received a comment!

Sorry no email notification for every single sale. Will be a problem for big sellers to get email for every sale :smile:

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Sure I would not have that kind of problem now :slight_smile:

there is not even an option to enable/disable?

Thanks for the reply, I suppose my F5 button will get consumed soon :slight_smile:

There are (unofficial) mobile apps to do this.
Envato has never sent a sale notification to anyone before.

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ok Thanks,
I’ll do a search then

As far I know, there’s no option to receive sale confirmation emails (I was looking for this option too). As for possible issues with “big sellers”, it could be solved easily by enabling “daily emails”, so if user wants, he can only receive one email a day, and this email contains all today’s sales.

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I’m very curious, what benefit this would have though if it were implemented, besides being convenient? Envato uses transactional mailing services last time I checked, meaning each notification would cost them money.

Considering there is only one time of the month where your balance matters (the end) and they do send a notification of your withdrawal amount at this time, I don’t see them having any motivation to add this feature for either large or small authors any time soon.

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Makes sense, but if I were them I would at least send an email for the first sale ever (which is a moment worth celebrating together), and maybe few in other moments (first 100, 500, 1000)

True, I was thinking about that. A “congrats on your first sale!” email to celebrate the occasion would be a pretty cool addition. :slight_smile:


Totally agree! :slight_smile:

I discovered my first sales one or two months after uploading because I was waiting for mail instead of checking the website :slight_smile:


I use this application in my chrome web browser :slight_smile:

It’s useful, but you must have your browser on…

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Hello, look for the browser plugin Better Envato. It lets pop out a notification on your desktop, when an item is sold. Besides that, it makes a funny cash sound, who wouldn`t like that.


You get congratulations on new badge information. Still not via email.

> Good news for Authors: Envato Item sales email notification option created

Get a instant Email Notification when user purchase your item on envato market.
it will work for all themeforest, codecanyon, videohive, audiojungle, graphicriver, photodune, 3docean etc…
here is the solution for email notifications for free

I use this on my mobile phone :image

Eden is great

I would prefer a bottle of champagne. :champagne:

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eeeee ! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: