Dont know what to do with this one.

This track was rejected one month ago, i made some changes, but i really don´t know what more can i do.
Deleted some cello notes, add a second part in the melody and now is shorter than before.
I uploaded the first one to cinematic, in general.

Thanks in advance for your time.

Hi Manriquedelara,

I think this piece sounds a bit mechanic and it hasn’t enough dynamic. All left hand chords shouldn’t sound too right, polished and on time like you played them. The same thing with the melody, every note is perfect, without any dynamic/expression. I’d play it a little bit freely, “ad libitum”. Also, I noticed that the left and right hands sound different from each other, like they are from different libraries. All I said above doesn’t mean that I’m right, it’s just my opinion. Hopefully, it will help, at least a little :slightly_smiling_face:

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You broke me in some ways… :joy:
I played it in two times, first i played left hand and then recorded the right hand. Everything in this song started with the “left hand” (those days where you start to play and play… trying to find something) and then i tried to find something like a melody.
It is the same library, the difference is the right hand i got the lid totally open.

I will try to record it again, but i though this wouldn´t sound mechanical.
Try to to record the left hand better.
Probably i got my ears dumb,
because i have been listening it too much times.
Thanks a lot.

Hi @Manriquedelara !
I think that something needs to be added here in terms of arrangement, but upload this version as an additional version of the track. Add for example: celesta, bells, cello and some kind of brass for playing along. Although this version also sounds good.
This is my humble opinion. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hey @Manriquedelara, I really like it! I would like to hear the version with the cellos. I actually think this could easily belong in the Holiday & Seasonal category as a Christmas track, especially with some nice warm strings and a little percussion.

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Hola, amigo!
La acercaría al estilo de “motivación”.
Agregue algunas herramientas y, por supuesto, elimine el lote izquierdo.


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Hey Manrique. It’s got a really pretty melody. As well as having a look at the note velocity, you could also try some subtle variations in the tempo. Emotive solo piano tracks often sound mechanical because of a rigid click. In Cubase, there is a tempo track which you can play with, I guess there is an equivalent in the DAW that you use…

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