Dont get mails when there is a update

Hi :slight_smile:

I don’t get mail on when there is a new update to a ghost theme I ordered

Its this theme:

I have check this box: " Get notified by email if this item is updated" - But still don’t get any mails!

Can some mod / admin help me out here…


Taxick aka Thomas

HI @Taxick,

go to your account settings > Email settings and make sure there checked “Item update notifications” checkbox.

Also you can contact purchased item author and let them know that they are not receiving update notification email. Because when author checked the box ‘‘Send a notification to buyers when this update is approved’’ at the time of update submission and any update version will release then customer will receive update notification email.


I got the reason, wry I don’t receive an update…

I am only notifying of a very big changes to the theme (eg. Ghost v2 =>
v3). Otherwise people think he needs to install a newer version which
causes a lot of problems. I do a lot of small updates so it would be
just unnecessary confusion.