Don't Drink and Compose :(

Managed to knock over a beer bottle on my desk and spill on my Babyface Pro :frowning:

Turned it over immediately but I don’t think I unplugged it quick enough, some pretty crazy noises started coming out of the speakers… it’s currently sitting in a bag of rice… Anyone ever done similar? Any guesses on whether or not it will come back to life?

That’s why the few highest keys of my Nord Stage Piano do not play :wink:



Does anyone really use those anyway?

Good luck with the Babyface! This has fortunately never happened to me. Yet…

I broke some years ago a Vox AC15 like that.
Since that day, my beer or whisky is always at least 2 meters from my equipment.
So i can do some exercise when i want to drink. :joy:


Hahaha you are sooo right :slight_smile:

I mean I was a concert keyboard player, so I used it a lot on gigs (still it’s great and popular instrument for stage). For a long time I was using it as a midi keyboard also because it was somehow easier and cheaper. But now I don’t use it anymore :slight_smile:

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I loves me some Liszt :smiley:

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I actually meant the highest keys, not the Nord. Those are still everywhere it seems :slight_smile:

Heh, yeah, but still you’re right :wink:

good luck whit this… maybe when it gets some dry… :slight_smile:

to dry well - I would disassemble… if there was no short-circuit (DC) most likely will survive! when dry up - write how are you!

i’m thinking it might have shorted cause the speakers were making some hellish noises before I could get it unplugged :frowning: but yeah it’s been in rice for like 36 hours now, i might pull it apart tonight and see what the insides are looking like. Will let you know haha.

noise in the columns is the circuits of the signal connections - it’s not so scary, short circuits on the power supply (buses) are worse

it’s USB powered if that makes any difference? So no real AC going to it at all I don’t think?

USB - 5 volts there, DC, but there are still boosters for phantom power and current-sensitive AD\DA converters. it makes sense to remove the remains of beer. but I believe that in your case everything will be fine! )) :slightly_smiling_face:

anything i can do to clean it now? it’s probably all dry i assume?

look attentively (from the beer can remain viscous residues, they can conduct electricity), you can wipe with alcohol, raw spirit, it quickly evaporates


Yes, what @CHEER says.
And i would wait even one entire week to be completely sure.
Better wait a little bit more than crash it forever.


just opened it up over my lunch break. got all the rice out of it lol.

There is definitely some “gunky” stuff on the bottom of the circuit board. Is rubbing alchohol what you are talking about?