Dont Buy Kolyoum - Newspaper By Bdaia

Hi I have bad experience with Kolyoum by Bdaia. I bought there theme and used it and my support was expired. But few week ago I changed domain name for my website after change the domain my product license showing error. I thought may be developer stolen my code and use for other website but I found that no one stolen my code because when I log in my I saw the revoke option , here is the screenshot Screenshot by Lightshot and then I revoke the old domain and start trying to register news domain name but all time its says its already use. here is the screenshot link , Screenshot by Lightshot . Even I saw my envato apps also correctly revoke the old key. Here is the present apps screenshot Screenshot by Lightshot no Bdaia but theme still showing error. But my old domain now closed .

Then I try to contact Bdaia they told me to renew support again.
My question is there thme price 29$ and for active the theme i should again renew with 14$? If my issue was related theme error or theme development then that i must need to renew, Here here is is product he sell which is not working then whats my fault ?

Also the bdaia team reply me a mail with this great word : You may leave unfair reviews, during the last 8 years we learned how to deal with them and when it is is important to say no. Its means they always ready for this .

I Just share my experience if i did any wrong please correct me then i will correct myself.


You’re not required to renew the item support as this is related to theme registration. Contact them again. If they are not willing to help you ( if this is the case ) you can contact Envato support

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I contacted them they mail me they cant help without renew support.

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