DonPeppe theme demo content: How can I customise item names and prices in restaurant menu?


This is my very first message in this forum.

Here is a summary of all steps taken thus far:

  1. I have purchased and installed the theme named DonPeppe.
  2. I have logged in the WP admin panel.
  3. I have imported the demo content.
  4. I have accessed the Restaurant Menu page.
  5. I have tried to edit the restaurant menu items and prices in vain, exploring all options. I cannot find any way to customize the Restaurant Menu’s item names and prices.

Surely I missed something basic. What did I miss?

All help and hint warmly welcome.
Many thanks in advance.


Of course the visual editor provides a means for editing values associated to a given “Price Listing” block. The reason why I could not see it is because my web browser window was zoomed in. So the little arrow for updating data was not visible.
See screenshots.

Step 1:

Step 2:

Strep 3:

Viva DonPeppe !