Domain transfer

Hello, I bought a license for the be!theme theme which I installed on a domain in order to configure the theme. However, due to difficulties in getting the theme to work the way we wanted, we ended up buying and using another theme. However, the other domain (which had been active for almost a year) was up for renewal and we decided not to renew it and bought another domain instead. Now we wanted to use the theme on another domain but when we put it up it says that it is already associated with the other domain that has already been canceled.
As this domain no longer exists, how can we register or transfer this theme to another domain?

As the licences are per one end-product and you void it when you install/active the theme on a specific domain, per Envato policy, you will need to register a new item for the new domain ( new end-product )

Although some authors offer domain change but considering that you don’t have “active” support period, extending the support period would end-up the same point as purchasing one. It’s your choice if it’s worth for trouble ( no guarantee that author would agree, they may ask a new license )

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