[DOM] Found 2 elements with non-unique id #post_parent:

[DOM] Found 2 elements with non-unique id #post_parent:

Today when working in wordpress I noticed this errors in the browser console, when I go into pages or posts, it is happening with a fresh install of wordpersa as well, any idea why this is happening, nothing works correctly because of this warnings, I tried on two servers it happens on all on both also like I said it happens of fresh installs as well, I am using WordPress 5.3.1.

Thank you.

I get this same area. I’m using the Porto Theme and am on WordPress 5.4.

edit.php?post_type=page:1 [DOM] Found 2 elements with non-unique id #post_parent: (More info: https://goo.gl/9p2vKq) <select name=​"post_parent" id=​"post_parent">​<option value=​"0">​Main Page (no parent)​​<option class=​"level-0" value=​"13038">​AAAAA​​<option class=​"level-0" value=​"1129">​Any Questions?​​<option class=​"level-0" value=​"13755">​Area Activities​​<option class=​"level-0" value=​"504">​Book Now​​<option class=​"level-0" value=​"678">​From The Guest Books​​<option class=​"level-0" value=​"500">​Home​​<option class=​"level-0" value=​"13951">​House Rules​​<option class=​"level-0" value=​"503">​Location, Location, Location​​<option class=​"level-0" value=​"14220">​Our Packages​​<option class=​"level-0" value=​"13573">​Our Recipes​​<option class=​"level-0" value=​"15951">​Our Stories​​<option class=​"level-0" value=​"13756">​Photos and Videos​​<option class=​"level-0" value=​"13511">​Privacy Policy​​<option class=​"level-0" value=​"502">​Rooms & Rates​​<option class=​"level-1" value=​"510">​   Affinity Suite​​<option class=​"level-1" value=​"998">​   Bountiful Cabin​​<option class=​"level-1" value=​"1002">​   Carefree​​<option class=​"level-1" value=​"1006">​   Daisy Suite​​<option class=​"level-1" value=​"1008">​   Enchanted​​<option class=​"level-1" value=​"15524">​   Farmhouse​​<option class=​"level-1" value=​"1010">​   Gracious​​<option class=​"level-1" value=​"1012">​   Jubilee Suite​​<option class=​"level-0" value=​"514">​Special Offers​​<option class=​"level-0" value=​"15670">​test​​<option class=​"level-0" value=​"501">​The Lodge​​​

I could not fix this, have no idea why is happening…

I think these fields have the same identifier. And it’s ok

Yes but this are added by Wordpress there is nothing that can be done abotu that!

Well technically this is not mistake.
All that remains - to ignore the warning.

Yes that is what I did, I tired to fix it but is not worth the effort, just ignore it.