Dog lover WordPress theme?



I am looking for a WordPress blog theme for a girl who loves dogs and who wants to write about her dog. All the themes I found are for vets, clinics, breeders, pet stores, dog sitters… Everything related to dogs except for a regular dog themed blog!


Genuine question - what features etc. do you feel are needed for a ‘dog themed blog’? Have you got any examples of these?

Most template blogs you will find here are not really designed as out of the box solutions - could you maybe take one of the dog themed WP themes and just use the blog /gallery etc.?

There is one (not supposed to link to files on here!), which takes an interesting spelling of the word ‘dog’ and has a good blog as well as a really nice grid layout of different dogs where you could write about different breeds or individual dogs etc.

Hope that helps


A simple blog theme with images of a girl hugging her dog or playing with a playful dog. Some feminine touches here and there. Flowers, some pink or whatever. I am not a designer. A blog where once you hit it, you know it belongs to a girl and not an entity offering a service for pets. I guess I have to look some more or mix some elements myself.


I think you misunderstanding what theme is.
If you found a dog theme, there is no dog image in it. You should choose a theme has layout you need, than add your own dog images and content :smile:
Maybe you need a photographer instead of a theme :smiley:


I know what a theme is. Of course a dog theme will have images of dogs. Search for ‘dog’ here and look around. Check out Joffrey for example. although this theme is not clear. For example A mechanic theme will have images of engines, gear, wrenches,… etc. A theme is about the icons, colors, images, background images, fonts…It’s what the site protrays. If there’s no text, you still know what the site is about. Layout is secondary.


Great idea actually. Blog theme for dog lovers. :blush: