does unlimited mean truly unlimited?

i have envato elements 16$ monthly unlimited subscription. but unable to download anything from audio jungle. asks money for everything. deos the subscription is useful or useless to download content from audiojungle and videohive

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It’s unlimited on items from NOT all the main marketplaces. Some items are just on one or the other and some are on both.

$16 is only if you sign up for the annual plan which is around $170 in one go. Monthly it is closer to $29

Bear in mind that you cannot stockpile assets for use once you are no longer subscribed.


thank you for clearing that. but whats the point in showing the ad about unlimited, during checkout of products that i just want. i was in audiojungle, showed me unlimited so i purchased. there is no point in showing unlimited when i’m about to purchase. also i dont see anywhere it clearly says only on elements not on hive or jungle. :sneezing_face: :sneezing_face: :sneezing_face: :sneezing_face:


It’s a very disputed topic - I don’t work for envato so I do not have access to any specific reasoning or insight but if you search these forums you will find lots of conversations about it