does this trapstep allowed?

I’m planning to submit this track, but, I barely feel that AJ would approve this Trapstep track. tell me is this proper enough for me to submit? thanks! :slight_smile:

It seems to me that Envato will not accept this track. At least in the form in which it is now. The track is slightly unfinished both in composition and in sound. The intro consists essentially of the progression of the chords. Within 30-40 seconds there is practically no development (only percussion changes). The piano sounds a little rough (the wrong tone is selected). There is not enough leading melody.The genre of the track is quite understandable. From 0:44 begins the part in which in my opinion there is an overabundance of “genre features.” There is a kind of confusion. On AJ, of course there are works in this style, but they sound more smoothed, more adaptable to commercial use. But all this is just my opinion. Cheers!

I like it at least =)