Does this stand a chance of being approved?

Advice is welcomed. I don’t actually know what I’m doing. I just like to create music🤷🏻‍♀️

Link isn’t working.

Thank you. It should work now.

I’m afraid this doesn’t stand any chance of getting approved. It lacks in all departements, instrument/sample quality, performance, composing/arrangement and mixing.

This should in no way discourage you from continue to compose music, but as far as making a commercial product, you still have a way to go.

I would advice you to listen to some of the music here that are closest to the style/music you are most familiar with and try to achieve the same quality in composition/arrangement and production.

Good luck!

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Thank you. My feelings are not hurt.I know I have a lot of learning yet to do.

If you don’t mind I have a few questions. What exactly do you mean by “performance”? I don’t play any of my music. I write it and MIDI plays it back for me and I turn it in to an MP3.

Also, could you recommend what to use to get better sounding instruments/samples? Currently, I am using a software notation program called Sibelius with NotePerformer for the sound library.


Then I guess Noteperformers interpretation of what you have written in Sibelius is to blame for the interpretation :blush: It sounds mechanical and there is little variation in velocity. The soundsources are also far from realistic sounding. I think it would take a lot of work to get a good sounding performance with Noteperformer and in my opinion it works best as a tool to give you an impression of what your compositions in Sibelius would sound like with real instruments. Also, in my experience, Noteperformer works best with orchestral music.

I use Logic Pro with Kontakt libraries for sampled instruments, Spectrasonics Keyscape for pianos and Omnisphere for synths in addition to record live instruments. While there are several good options when it comes to DAWs, Kontakt is a industry standard when it comes to sampled instruments.

Forgot to mention; I use a keyboard to record the sampled instruments and I think that mastering the piano to some degree is a must when composing.

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Thank you for that🙂

Do you have have Logic Pro and Kontakt etc. on a laptop, if so which one? I have a MacBook Pro. Logic Pro looked very reasonably priced.

I agree with everything @Hyperprod mentioned above.

The very basics:

  1. Pick a DAW (personally, I use Cubase 8 PRO and Reaper) and dig it till you feel comfortable with it. Learn as much as you can about automations, equalizers, compressors, reverbs, delays and plugins in general. Both via inserts and sends. I’m afraid you’ll need to tutorial the hell out of all that.
  2. Learn at least the basics of piano so you can get a MIDI controller and play the parts more naturally. I play the piano like captain hook, so I tweak the quantization and velocities a lot after recording.
  3. Get yourself a sampler like Kontakt and a handful of sample libraries (now this is the expensive part, but there are lots of great free instruments out there too).
  4. Learn some mixing and mastering key tips. There are ZILLIONS of YouTube channels with almost everything you need to know in that regard.
  5. Listen to other authors stuff (not necessarily stock music only) and use it as a reference.
  6. Be patient. It takes a little time. :slight_smile:
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I have used Logic on all kinds of Macs (and even PC before Apple bought it). Right now I’m using it with a 2020 MacBook Pro 16 inch.
Logic will work on almost any Mac until you start using sample libraries and certain plug-ins. Then it becomes important to have enough RAM (at least 8Gb, 16 or more recommended) and a SSD drive.
Whats great about Logic (apart from the price) is that it comes bandleder with LOTS of instruments and plug ins, and actually gives you everything you need to get started. It would be no problem to get a track created with only Logic instruments accepted here.
So, as @WormwoodMusic said, start watching YouTube videos about Logic and mixing. Everything you need to learn is available on the internet these days :blush:

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Thank you so much! I really appreciate it!