Does this song fit AJ?

Hi, I haven’t sent any music to AJ yet. Is this song adequate? :confused:

PS: I’m using Google Translate

I will say my first thoughs:
its not so commercial of a use for media. its nice though, I would approve it.
try to make it more commercial, the intro and break are not so commercial

my second thoughts are that is a great one!

But people thoughts are based on psychological state, so whatever.

Its a nice one, a bit depressing, maybe it could use some more alive elements in break, but its nice! Also mixing is great!

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Thank you very much for the feedback, I am very happy for someone to help.
Yes yes, I understand, I started to realize now that it has to be something more upbeat, all right, understanding and correcting mistakes is how you learn. I’ll send it to a website that buys electronic tracks. If you have in mind other means of selling music or something like that, please help me, I’m having a hard time right now, of course it’s not just me.

PS: I’m using Google Translate, I live in Brazil