Does this Note say I have a chance??

Hi Folks,
Today Our first html template got Hard rejected. But with a short note which shows a bit light of hope. the Note goes like:

“Although this currently doesn’t meet ThemeForest quality requirements, I personally enjoy the direction of the design. Keep pushing the concept further and develop the graphics a bit more. This is a unique direction which has an appealing aesthetic. After further development I’ll be happy to take another look.”

Is there any chance I make a massive change to the design, submit it, but that time it is reviewed by a different reviewer?

from my experience for some of my work i got soft reject and then on 2nd try another reviewer review it after doing the required changes and it goes smoothly. So just focus on improving your designs and elements and things will come smoothly


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Thanks mate for your reply.
Unfortunately it is not soft rejected. It is hard.

Link to the demo?

Here you go.


It is nice and has great potential

header social icons are a little pixelated, there is maybe a few too many neon colours, not a fan of the main title headings (it works as H4 but in H1 is feels a bit feeble for a title).

Maybe consider tightening up the quite large amount of empty space

Turn the phone at the top into a slider?

Definitely got potential and some nice touches - just needs bringing up and refining a little

Thanks a lot for your feedback.
I hope next time reviewer thinks the same… :smiley:

May be everyone ignored my original question here.
Can anyone help out answering my question?

This is definitely a hint of the reviewer that i has a chance and you should not give up.

The usual hard reject has zero sympathy and plain tells you to take some time to familiarise with the items available on the marketplace.

Keep at it!

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Thanks a lot for your comment. It gives me some courage to not to give up.

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