Does this item have any chances to be approved?

Having approval ratio close around 50%, I’ve submitted this item, but now I’m not sure regarding it’s potential to be approved for sale.
Any suggestions?
Should I keep it in queue or maybe better cancel and upload something less sad and melancholic?

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Привет! Очень крутая вещь, мелодичная! НО. Это и есть загвоздка, мне кажется что структура усложнена, или звучит через чур художественно! Есть ощущение что трэк - минус без слов, или музыка из кинофильмов 80-х. Да это мелодия для песни нежели фоновая музыка. Я ставлю 90% что трэк отклонят, да и звучит он несколько старомодно. Вот начало, где пиано, звучит очень коммерчески как надо, дальше гармония усложняется (со скрипками). Мне кажется надо упростить эту часть, да и часть с пиано максимально. Мои пять копеек))


Hi, I’m totally new here and don’t know a whole heck of a lot about the screening process but I think the quality is very good and I definitely don’t think it would be rejected based on being sad and melancholic as I’ve seen other music on the platform that has the same tones and emotions. I think a big part is how you describe it. Are you tagging and advertising it as sad and melancholic so that they know it’s what you’re going for and that only people who want that kind of mood will find it? Did you describe it as a solo score, background track, or instrumental intended to have vocals added? Do you think the music matches that description well?

Hi, thank you for your considerations.
I don’t remember, how I described the item exactly - something like music for life problems videos, for creating sad emotional atmosphere.
Do you think it matters?
I really didn’t pay much attention to descriptions, I thought the core thing is music itself - does it have commercial value or not.
Upper post in russian suggests that this item is too much complicated in terms of harmony and form and sounds too much… artistic to be approved. It’s not modern background music - so it has all the chances to be rejected.
Do you agree?


I don’t particularly agree with that statement, but as I said I’m still not very familiar with the approval process. My logic is that if the main concern is whether or not the music will sell then ensuring it’s described properly to reach the correct audience who will actually buy it would be the biggest concern. I wouldn’t imagine that being too artistic or not modern would cause it to be rejected as there are all types of people on this platform looking for all types of music and sound effects and some are bound to be looking for that style since it’s not entirely uncommon. I think the main concern would be that it’s tagged properly so that it doesn’t saturate other tags causing music with different moods to be berried. That’s just my opinion and I don’t have any data or concrete knowledge to back it up but logically it seems to me like so long as music is high quality and as advertised it wouldn’t have cause to be rejected for being complex and artistic since there are still some people looking for that sort of thing. I would also be curious to hear an explanation of their post because what music isn’t artistic…?

I would think (my personal opinion) that this would be rejected based on not commercial, too esoteric with a very limited use and also quality of sounds used.

Thank you for your opinion, I really appreciate it.
Could you clarify, please, which sounds of low quality you mean: piano, strings, percussion or maybe all of them?
Your answer would help me in my future efforts


I find the song very very beautiful with a great arrangement, maybe it’s too much for a stock music market of this kind.
If they reject it is because they don’t deserve it.
The only negative point in my opinion is the sound of the cello.
I’m curious of hearing other compositions made by you!


Thank you for your point of view
I think I will work on cello or maybe get rid of chorus (part B) completely in order to simplify the item and make it more appropriate for stock market.

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Hi @WonderBand,
Although the theme you created is very nice, I see the following problems: the resonating soundboard of the piano at 0:22 (and some furher again) is too much. The moodswing from 0:41 is also a reason for rejection. The esoteric part and the melodious part with strings are too different I think. Don’t know which strings you used, but it seems to me that they can be improved. Suggestion: concentrate more on the main theme, because it has potential.


Hi, fishsound, most of your advises “go together well” ©) with some of above recomenations.
So, It’s decided that I will withdraw this version of the item and will try to do something new, basing on chords and melody of the first part.
By the way. I used Spitfire chamber strings with sone addition of Albion and Solo.
So maybe you would advise something more appropriate for this kind of music.

I agree with @SD_sound it sounds like a song, not a background music. Very beautiful composition and nice production. Hope you will have approve and big sales! Luck!

Hi @WonderBand, I listened again and find the main theme really beautiful and impressive. It’s just that is has some turns an bends that are in comparison with the solo piano piece too much a mood swing I think. In het main theme I hear some high interference. Maybe from compressing strings too much? Ore some pad. Try to cut this out, clean it up. I think the sound will improve. Other suggestions have to do with taste. For me, I would use some higher solo string in the main theme, or first violins. I think you used a cello? Maybe a violin would be better. When you have a solo piano piece: a solo cello would be nice with that, or indeed the chamber Spitfire strings. I also made melodious pieces and wouldn’t be too scared to upload those. But it is trough, the more generic, the more sales (I think). I can give you my SC profile by email. Good luck!

@WonderBand What have you decided about the track? If you remade it then it would be good to listen to it.

Hi, guys, thank you so much for your advises and suggestions! As I wrote before, I’ve decided to throw away melodic part and play with the “esoteric” intro piano part. So now I’m trying to re-arrange it, adding some strings and maybe orchestra percussion. I will surely publish the new version here before uploading it for review.
Fishsound, your new composition is awsome! It really has some eastern mood and delicious harmony. I’ve enjoyed it!


Hi everybody, this is the new version of the item, rearranged according to overall suggestions:

  • B part (melodic) is thrown away, in order to keep the mood from the beginning
  • solo cello also is out - I used strings ensembles instead
  • intro is developed into some variations

It’s not finished in terms of mixing and mastering, but you can advise me: does the tune became more consistent and more likely to be approved? Or this is the step in a wrong way? I’m not really sure…

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Yes i like this track more. In the beggining of track maybe I would make piano quieter with smoother attack. Second part and finish - ok for me. Maybe need some FX. On the 1 min of track maybe this place should be made like on the 2.04 without drums, for me it sounds better


Hi @WonderBand This is a great improvement! I like it the way it is. Small suggestion: try to let the piano pierce through a little bit more with the big dynamic parts. I think this should be fine.


Hi guys, thank you once more for encouraging me to improve and develop.
I’m surely will try to implement most of your last suggestions and finally will upload this version of the item.
And even it won’t be approved, you helped me a lot to understand better the demands of this market.
I will try to create next items according to this new knowledge))


Hi, I want to thank once more to all of you guys,who helped me to shape this tune.
I’m very glad to inform you that this item finally has been approved))

It was rather kind of surprise to me, but I think that it happened not least owing to your suggestions.
I really appreciate your sincere involment.

Here’s the approved version: