Does these assets violating MIT Rules?

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I don’t know If these assets are violating MIT license terms or The MIT license works in this way.

  1. Ajaxchimp
  2. Pogo Slider
  3. Simple Line Icons

Actually, the following assets released under MIT license and in the MIT terms it said

“The above copyright notice and this permission notice shall be included in all copies or substantial portions of the Software.”

But, MIT license copyright notice or permission notice are not included in those assets.

So, it means MIT can works in this way too? or those authors are violating MIT rules?


If themeforest authors include these assets in their items without MIT license copyright notice or permission notice , will it be violating terms of MIT?

The license is indeed included in those assets. See:

It’s not like the creators of MIT will sue you, but if you want to worry about it, just copy the LICENSE file into the same directory as these assets.


As you are releasing a product, it is a general rule that you keep note of which third party assets, code, etc you include in your project, at the very least… The license is not as important as making sure that your buyers know exactly what assets are inside your product (example: in case any of them have a huge security vulnerability.)

This is easy to do, just make a .txt file or something with a list of all the assets and any relevant links; you can mention that they’re all MIT in that .txt file too.

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Thanks for the explanation. I really appreciate it