Does Themeforest accept WP child-themes made with Themify Flow ?


Hi community,

I am wondering if Themforest accepts child-themes made with Themify’s Flow Framework,
it is themes (and child-themes) that follow all WordPress code standards, that can be made with Flow,

Themify says: Yes it is okay to sell Flow child-themes on ThemeForest,
but what is the official Themeforest policy on this ?

(I’m just wondering if it is okay to use a free WP framework to create childthemes and then sell those childthemes onThemeforest, or is it only "built-from-the-ground-up handcoded wordpress parent themes that is sold on ThemeForest )?

Im just so confused about this question :slight_smile:
Thanks alot guys



I’m 90% sure that while you can use free frameworks if it relies on a prent Thene I.e secondary purchase then it may not get through.

Best option is to ask support


the Framework it relies on is free and opensource, so no need to buy anything else but the childtheme, and then just download the free framework.

I have seen another childtheme on Themeforest that used a framework that you had to pay for…

But this is a free opensource framework…


Ask support to be sure - safer that way


Thanks for pointing me in the direction of the support crew, I have posted my question to them. :slight_smile:


And, did you get a response?