Does the project development platform matter for approval?

I have just started to create my android app project. I use Kodular to build my android app. Although it claims to be a platform without using coding, it’s just as similar, instead of code, we can use block-based in it. It’s equally hard to create apps with it, just as other platforms like flutter. But, the possible use of better extensions and visual based make it convenient for me to use it.

I got a good in-demand project idea and just started to create it. My doubt is,

Does codecanyon allow projects made from such platforms?

The platform has all equal advantages as projects made with android studio. The project can be exported as file with “.aia” extension. Users can easily create account and import the project file. They can easily change name, package name and upload to play store and they can even do further improvements, if they know, how to use it.

I plan to sell my script in future only with codecanyon. If design or features or functions or uniquess or anything else comes as a reason for rejection in future, I am pretty sure, I can fix. But, if the platform comes as a problem, my project has no other way than going to trash. To avoid such problems, I would like to make sure. I need someone, to please help me with you know, regarding my problem.

Thanks for your reply.
I think you are mentioning about where services are sold. But, my doubt is regarding selling scripts on

The issue is a lot of those DIY / short cut type tools export custom and often fairly messy code that doesn’t meet the standards for here

There is absolutely no substitute for coding items in full and using recognised software

In Kodular, The apk for for submitting to playstore can be exported, but The code cannot be exported, It’s a file with “.aia” extension, which can be imported in the platform itself to customize.

It’s just like “.capx” file in construct 2 and construct 3. I can see that construct 2 and contruct 3 are also not added within the category of the codecanyon, but they are accepted under html, css and js category. Although exporting as html, css and js is possible in contruct 2 and 3, I guess they can not be edited from the code, no one will edit from code in those, it can be edited only from the platform with “.capx”.

Kodular is just as similar as that. So, I expect the source code to be accepted under Android Category. Also, I can see a few developers who work on the platform on Fiverr

The platform is also very fastly developing. They are move even more further with creating a Android + Ios Platform : Thunkable X

If I could fulfill required quality with the platform, will the “.aia” file as source file be accepted. Also, my idea is a content app, It’s going to be a lms app for wordpress, buyers just need to enter their base url, to make the app work (Just like woocommerce app).

It’s not a category I know enough about but it sounds like it might not be right for submission here.

Your best option is to ask support Envato Authors Help and Support