Does the forum help with sales?

Just curious and interested in other’s thoughts. :slight_smile:

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There is no proof but… image



There’s lots of opportunity to promote yourself by helping customers, particularly in the Project Making section. The forums are also a great place to come to learn from other authors [read articles] on how to become a better author ( and participate in competitions.

All of these things absolutely help with sales.

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Yes. If you’re nice to it, it will make a purchase when you’re asleep.

Not sure if a positive presence on the forum can help much with sales, but forum posts full of negativity or regular moaning probably do more damage than good in this regard.

…and here’s a smile: :slight_smile: (these little yellow things can do wonders to set the tone of a post; be it a happy or critical one).

(Of course, I’m not pointing to your own entries; many of them are very spirited and funny, actually) :slight_smile:

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I agree with Matthew regarding the forums being a good place to learn from other authors.

I think the question is "Does sales help with forum?

no )))) not not ))) I do not know )))))

Direct buyer effect: Absolutely 0.

Indirect effect by staff picking you to get featured: absolutely possible.

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