Does not meet the minimum requirements for the category in which it is published. What to do?

The other day I got the idea to make a preloader plugin on js, made it on pure js, sent it. Received a rejection email saying:

“Unfortunately, your submission does not meet our current minimum quality specifications for the category it was submitted to.”

And sent to the support form, I ask the authors for advice.
The question is, in general, to what category can a preloader be attributed?

The code itself is organized as expected, without crutches, there is a unique solution, all methods are commented.
There is an archive.
Materials according to site requirements are also available.
There is also an example of work, an index file, where there are complete examples of calling the plugin with all the parameters in it.

Only there is no link to the demo, maybe this is the reason for the failure?

I am here for the first time, I will be glad to any practical information.

  1. no demo (or at least a video) means it probably was not even reviewed properly

  2. you are going to struggle to bring premium value to a preloader - you will need to make sure there is something unique about it, with strong versatility etc.

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