"...does not meet the general quality requirements."

In terms of song rejection, does this mean that the song wasn’t at 44,100/16 bit? Just curious, particularly as a newbie-- any and all help is appreciated! Thank you.

No, it means the composition and/or the quality of the production isn’t good enough for this library.

You’ll usually get a soft reject if there’s any issues with any off the technical/submission related criteria.

Share your song with us, maybe we can help :slight_smile:



Here’s one of them.

:slight_smile: listening…

It’s hard to me to express a lot of ideas in english… but I’ll tray to do it
I can see your idea,. it’s interesting. I can see some things you can improve… but you know, it’s just my opinion… :smiley:
first of all, you use a kinda choir pad doing melody,… it sounds a little bit strange to me, Maybe using some other standard lead instrument like guitar… this pad is fighting with some plucked exotic instrument from 1:22, and then, you left this melodic pad giving circles around a creative improvisational melody… but I think curators want something more stable and concrete again.
then, the use of stable harmonies is poor, I think some good chords, maybe strings or synth pads… this should enhance the body of the composition, making also the harmony presence more stable.
You are using a bass that sometimes confuses me… maybe I didn’t listen good enough, but I think it’s oscillating around too much… and I think curators are requiring something less “experimental” and playful (as a bass…)
More things…
In 1:40 you left the “choir pad” alone and a little bit loss again … why?
I think your drums also are a little bit loss and “too creative” and unpredictable… I think again, I’m sure curators want something more structurated…
summary: take care of structure, give to it some predictable but well combined elements, don’t play too much with melodies and voices, don’t mix them unnecessarily… each voice must have their own role into the composition… don’t play too much with tones… give to it their own stable spaces… listen the top sellers tracks from other authors… this can help A LOT!
Well, I hope this can help you …
Good luck, and happy New Year and wish you big approvals and sales! :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for listening, and for translating your feedback into English even though it’s not your most comfortable language! I appreciate the insight.

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My aim is just for help… :slight_smile:slight_smile:
Wish you big successes…

Hi! Your answer also helped me a lot, because I recently had the same problem as chalkboardpoet. My item was rejected because it didn’t meet the general commercial quality requirements. I think I understand now why, thanks to you.

Also… would you mind listening to my track? I really would appreciate any advice since I’m also new here. Thanks a lot!!

My track’s link: https://soundcloud.com/lightningthecavern/willy-nova-ft-breath-liquia-sol-sanctum