“Does not meet the commercial quality standard” what should i do ? I’m ready to learn !

Please advise me something. I really want to write high-quality music, so that it satisfies not only me, but also you, professionals ! Thank you in advance for your feedback

Good morning!

Wow, great job!

For the first track, I would humanize the piano just a bit, it comes off as robotic. The real problem with this track is that the brass and strings sound tiny. You have this nice, well mixed vibe going and when the brass comes in it just fizzles out. Try using a different patch or beefing up those sounds and you’ll be in great shape.

In the second track I’d let the piano go alone for two measures before the cello comes in. The big problem with this one is you have no atmosphere or reverberation! Give the track some space and you will have nailed it.

That said, you are a really good composer! That second track is gorgeous. Really really really nice work.

  • Nathan