Does Ninja Popup work with OptimizePress?



Does anyone know if the $25 Ninja Popup will work with OptimizePress 2? If so, how do you make it work with OP? Does Ninja Popup generate shortcode that I can embed into an OP html/css shortcode element?

Thank you.

Here is the plugin I’m talking about:


Looking at the changelog, it appears that short codes are a part of this plugin. I don’t see any reason why this plugin won’t work with Optimize Press 2.


Thank you. And in case it doesn’t work with Optimizepress, do you know if they offer a money back guarantee for these plugins?


Unfortunately, there’s nothing quite as iron-clad as a guarantee, although the terms and conditions do allow for some refunds. Your best bet if you run into issues will be to contact the plugin author to resolve.


But see, unlike other paid-for products where I can easily contact the merchant and ask them if they have a mbg, the problem with this “envato community” is that I couldn’t find a way to contact the developer which is why I started this thread here.


Each author’s profile page has a contact form on the right that you are welcome to use :smiley:


Thanks. I finally found out how to contact him and just did. There are a lot of people on the discussion page for that plugin that were or are having problems using it with Optimizepress 2. Hopefully those are old and outdated and they have fixed the issues.