Does nifty theme support elementor pro in wordpress

I am using nifty theme for the last 6 months and it is working very well. Recently we have installed elementor pro page builder for creating few landing pages. but whenever we are creating any layout, it is automatically getting duplicated.

when we checked, nifty theme is not compatible with elementor pro. Any solution for this ?

Probably you missed some details, if the theme comes with Elementor support, PRO version shouldn’t cause any issues. Assuming that your support period is over, you can contact “Elementor” support for the “free” suggestion/help.

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Yes , true our support period is over.

We have contacted the elementor team and they too have checked and said the issue could be by the theme.

Only option to extend your support period and ask author for help or hire some freelancer. It’s your choice.

If you’re interesting in “paid support/work” I’m available by the way, you can contact me anytime.