Does my track lack dynamics?

I posted this track on a FB group for producers in my country and one of them said it lacks dynamics. I am not sure what he means. Can someone give some feedback on this track? I have been trying to improve my mix and master skills…this was mixed in Logix X using stock plugins and mastered in Ozone 5 all on headphones. If anyone can provide some insight and some legit tutorials or courses they can reccomend on mixing in Logic X that would be great. Thank You.

I can’t listen to your track right now but can recommend this website as an excellent source of information on the whole subject of mastering and dynamics:

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I think your track has the same dynamic in each part of it.
Maybe you should make some different parts with different dynamic but with one mood, like chorus, verse and breaks



I think it’s not all about dynamics. Your track is too repetitive. Try to variagate it.
Every 8 bars add something new or change something.


thanks. sometimes i add to many variations and it gets rejected though.
can you give some feedback on the mix and master?