Does my monthly subscription include graphics?

Hello! I purchase a monthly subscription while I was searching for audio pieces. It looked like a subscription was the only way I could purchase it. However, does a subscription include downloads of graphics from Graphic River? When I search for images they all have a price next to it. I thought an Envato subscription included all the products. Thank you for any information you can give me.

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The subscription service (Envato Elements) is separate from the marketplaces, which includes GraphicRiver and AudioJungle.

This is the site you need to use with your subscription, which, in fact, includes graphics, audio, and many other things similar to what you’d find on the marketplaces.

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hi it takes into account everything that is “envato elements”, which is music, pictures, templates, but a whole lot of authors and items have never been included in the programme and even accepted authors may have not dedicated all their items to be placed in “elements”