Does my core i3 laptop inbuilt soundcard affect final rendered music quality?


I’ve got an old core i3 laptop… Does its inbuilt soundcard affect the sound quality of my final mix? In other words, does the soundcard affect rendering quality, or will my music sound better on better/good systems? (Assuming I use reasonably high quality samples, of course). Any info would be greatly appreciated.


@keythemes No, it only affect to the sound that you will hear (all hardware has percent of distortion). So if you can use this system comfortably then it’s good.


Thanks a lot man, really appreciate your reply…


You can render your audio without any soundcard at all :slight_smile: Its all just numbers inside your CPU.


True… I’m just wondering if creating music on an old soundcard like mine would mean that my music would sound low quality/bad when played on high quality systems… More specifically, would it sound low in quality that would lead to rejection by Audiojungle reviewers, who screen music on high quality systems…


the DAC (digital to analog conversion) will affect the sound quality for those who will listen to your music. Because in its origin it’s always the same numbers for everyone. But how these numbers will be converted to real sound waves depends on DAC module and of couse speakers.

And of course if you record real instruments its vice versa (you need to convert analog sound waves to digital data) so in this case your audio interface will affect it quality.

So to summarize, if you just using virtual instruments and samples, your sound card will not affect render quality.


Thank you, greatly appreciate your response… My confidence is up now:slight_smile:


I agree with what the others say here, but wanted to add that it affects your final mix indirectly because it affects how you will hear your music when you are mixing.


Thats true, Hyperprod. Appreciate the insight.


Nice to know, appreciate you sharing that!