Does it help having a flashy profile page?

How much of a difference does it make having your profile page spruced up with HTML?

I know it looks pretty and it’s always nice to have related content just one click away… But I take it most people search for music using keywords and preview the tracks there. How many users land on your profile page?
And does it look cheap and unprofessional if you don’t have a flashy profile or track description?

Exactly. Cool tracks > Cool profile.

Nobody cares about your profile if they have use for your track in their next video project.

I’d say in most cases the profile page doesn’t have a real impact, since customers usually find their music through search and the Popular Files pages. However, it doesn’t hurt sales to look good, and if you’re going for the long game with building a niche brand and returning customers, then it makes sense to at least convey your musical direction and highlight your best tracks.

Good luck :sunglasses:

I would say keep your profile looking cute more or less but don’t be obsessed with it. Item quality is what need to take care of.

In my opinion, I would say… yes, to an extent. Worth doing, but it’s not going to make a massive difference.

Not sure about others but if i were looking for a track and hesitated between two, i would trust to those author who have his profile page look professional. And i don’t mean it has to have huge ugly images all over the place…

Lets use an analogy.

I have a friend who loves coffee. She adores coffee. She’s a coffee fanatic. (This applies to many Melbournians, we’re a city of caffeine addicts).

Naturally, the thing she’s after is good coffee. But what gets her through the door in the first place is the “feng shui” of the cafe dispensing the coffee. It gets her through the door.

If the coffee (the actual product) is good, then she’ll go back and buy more. If the feng shui is good, she’ll probably bring her friends along.

In the reverse, a cafe can sell the most amazing coffee in the world. But if the cafe is kind of off-putting, unprofessional with a strange man behind the counter with an eye-patch and a hook for a hand who calls you “Max” despite the fact you’ve told him your name is Matthew, like 16 times man… Ahem.

Well… then I probably will look elsewhere for coffee. I certainly wouldn’t be referring my friends.

The takeaway to my increasingly strained analogy?

It’s always worth investing in how you present yourself to a point. At the very least you don’t want an un-professional appearance to act as a deterrent for customers.

Bonus: You should also think about things like how long it takes for your pages to load, as that can have a strong bearing on SEO and where your item, and profile page ranks within Google search results.