Does in game atmospheres have place in AJ market??

Hello artists. I wanted to start a full package for different sort of games. So i started with dark sinister games and the first track i uploaded was the in game atmospheres with low brass and low strings sparse chords. I had a doubt about how the reviewers would react because the music doesn’t flow like the commercial tracks. But in games you don’t hear music all the time and in stages where you just walk and don’t fight the music is never lead by percussion.

My item was hard rejected and the reason “it doesn’t match our criteria” is not really helpful, nor informative. So the question is - is it a bad track or tracks like these do not belong here?

This is my soundcloud link -

Ps: If you are a fan of the RPG game Tyranny you ll know that what i did is not really unique or 100% original.

Thank you for your time

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I really love rpg type game and surely this music will fit for that. But unfortunately AJ is a general market that focus on commercial things such as product videos, company profile, etc. Btw I love this track, will surely perfect for a spesific rpg game.

Thank you for your time and your reply. It really made me feel better :slight_smile:

Hi! I think you should keep several things in mind:

A - There are more rejects lately, so some stuff that would enter a year ago, could be easily rejected now.

B - Your track does sound dark, with very specific need in mind, so I think its not so “Commercial vs Gameish” thing. I am sure that well produced, good sounding game music could work well on AJ, as long as you keep one track to one idea (no big shifts), make it interesting and pleasing to listen. Again, its not to say I didn`t like the track, but even in the game world it screams dark dungeons and demons, which is a niche still.

Have LOTS of rejections myself lately - so I know what you feel - hope you make it with a next one!

The short answer is yes.
From my personal experience - horror / sci-fi / fantasy ambient drones sell quite well here and I would advise keeping their sound as minimalistic as possible. From Soundcloud link, it seems like you use lots of instruments what is cool in general, but this makes your tracks a bit unique, and yeah , funny, but true - for this market, it might be the reason for rejection.

So you feel that it is a bit too specific while AJ market needs more general sounding tracks (my english is not the best and i dont understand what niche still means. Thank you for your time :slight_smile:

Thank you for your time :slight_smile:

Yep, it sounds like special music for dark dungeon/demons etc. game, so that`s called “niche”, made for smaller group of people - lovers of some specific style.