Does having my items rated help sales / trending?

Hey, just curious to know, does having my items rated help with sales or trending and if so… how do I get a customer to rate my item/s

It helps for trending, it affects search results position and last but not least - it greatly affect sales. So, in one word - YES.

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Thanks!, So how do authors get customers to rate their stuff… is there a way to request or ask… or is it just a case of reminding a customer in the help file or item description?

You can’t make them do it. You can only remind them politely.

“If you’re happy with my item and support quality, I’d really appreciate if you take the time to rate it on TF/GR/AJ/VH-whatever-it-is” or something like this.

You can place similar text in your item description, documentation etc. and also remind them in direct conversations when they reach out for help/support, but not before you already helped them. :wink:

That’s it.

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I see… I thought that was probably the case but just wondered if I was missing some option where I could remind them to rate. Thanks!

If I wanted to simply add in a line like “Please remember to rate my item” in my help file or on my item description (or both)… does my item go back into the queue for approval and is there a chance my item/s can be declined as a result?

Should be no problem to update your items and will probably take less than an hour to get approved (my experience as AJ author). If you have trusted updates the changes will be applied immediately. For items in the queue I would wait till they’re accepted and then update.

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