¿Does Envato Wordpress Toolkit keep Theme Customizations?



Hello all,

I’m the webmaster of Time4Review website.

I have a very specific and clear question. I have Newspaper theme from tagdiv and I already have customized the
theme using the provided customization menú (no changes to the files).

I have recently discovered the Envato Wordpress Toolkit. Looks great, but… If I used this Plugin to update
my Newspaper Theme, will I loose the Theme customization?

I have read some comments about Child Themes, but I think that this is only applied when you perform modifications to the Theme files, but this is not my situation, I just customized the options that are provided in the GUI.

Thank you so much!


You shouldn’t lose the settings because usually they are stored in the database.

If you’re talking about the default WP menu (Appearance > Menus) don’t worry. It’s part of WordPress, not part of the theme.

And yes, always use a child theme when you modify the theme files.


Hello lollum,

Yes, I was refering to both Appearance > Menus and also the custom “Settings” of the Newspaper Theme.

Settings like the colors, the Home Page Layout, etc… this are modified in the GUI, but I wasn’t sure wether they were
overwritten when the theme is updated.

So, it should keep settings, right? Thank you so much…



Yes, settings are saved in the database. If you want to be 100% sure, just make a backup before the update.


Thank you so much, really.

Last question about this… what Plugin or method would you recommend to perform a good backup?

Best Regards,


Never used a plugin for that, so I don’t know.

But you can find a guide in the WP Codex: https://codex.wordpress.org/WordPress_Backups


Thank you so much, you know this is the lack of low level knowledge on Wordpress stuff.

Aniway, I’m aware that my Hosting performs Backups every 24 hours, so that’s also a good starting point.


Try this plugin for backups
If you need more advanced features, you can check out their pro version. I am using it and it does the job quite well.


I used it once, and it worked nice. I’ll try it again.

Thank you so much all for your support :wink:


Excuse me… I was going to update the TagDiv Newspaper theme, but I got this warning…

It says that updating the theme will loose customizations. I know that you confirmed that the configuration of the theme should mantain, but understand me, I work many hours in the current layout of the website…

No problem (in theory) in updating then…? I promise to come back with feedback after performing the update! :wink:



It’s only a standard warning message of the Envato Toolkit plugin. And it’s referring to any edits you have made to the theme’s files.

However, just ask this question to the author directly to be 100% sure.


Finally, with a bit of “panic” (:stuck_out_tongue:) I decided to go and update it… tará!

It still remains with my configuration, as all of you stated. I was almost sure but you know, there is a lot of work behind that.

Thank you so much to all of you, and I hope that this topic will be also useful for other people that are in the same situation.