Does Envato takes commssion on the extended support packs?


So here i am again, late to the party…
I know Envato takes it’s share from the initial sale that also includes the support pack.

But if one of my customers buys a support pack, after 6 months since his initial purchase, does Envato takes a commission out of that money too?
If they do, then how much is that and more importantly why? What does Envato do for the money they take?

I am asking for pure curiosity, as i am expecting some of my customers to renew their support packs and need to know what to expect.


My bad, i have found this here

It’s 30% for doing unicorns and rainbows :slight_smile:


If you think they’re doing nothing you’re sadly mistaking.

If it weren’t for Envato you’d not find these themes as easily, or the quality of work you find available here.

Yes, they take their cut. This is a business world. It’s to be expected.


Marketing, reviewing, traffic, customers and so on… i think they deserve their commission


of course :slight_smile: