Does Envato Score your account?

Something I’ve always wondered is whether or not Envato has an algorithm that ‘scores’ your account similar to the way facebooks algorithm ‘scores’ your account on the quality/relevance of the content you publish.

For example if you get an item approved but the average listen time is low and the bounce rate is high does this influence where your item will sit in the search results or even how likely one of your items will show up?


Is an interesting question but I guess we will never know :man_shrugging:

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If you see the search functionality you will see Trending Items. Your query is related only Trending Items, so if customer saerch for Trending Items then pageviews, bounce rate, exists etc will reflect the search. All other search sorting as like Best sellers, Best Ratings, … are not related to your query.

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What about best match, which is the default sorting option?

It’s something we’ll never know indeed… but sometimes I wonder… There could be something like that. Or maybe it’s just our frustrated imagination…

best match based on searching keyword matching. Default sorting is the Newest Items without any keyword. We everyone know searching is a databse query scheme, so about scoring and searching sorting the programmer know best.