Does Envato knows something we don't?

I believe we can now confirm that Envato are not from this world

See what’s highlighted :joy:

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This text is surely typed by author, not Envato. What’s such a big deal about this typo?

Author @PX-lab made a typo. It’s not such a BIG mistake. In this there is nothing so bad. Human factor. Have you never done typos? And it got nothing to do with Envato

Hi @sanvas, Thank you for pointing on it :slight_smile: @phpmillion, @romlam, indeed it was a typo, correct date already changed, thanks and Happy Holidays to all! :slight_smile:


no worries, it was fun since I got that just after watching a paranormal stuff :slight_smile: Just some of your members who needs to take the stick out and chill a bit instead of being agressive.

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I don’t see anyone being aggressive. I only see a “wannado a big deal of single typing error and bash Envato when Envato team has nothing to do about it